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Online Renewal for the Year 2015:

CPA Licenses, CPA inactive registrations and Firms (FIRMS — also see farther below)

The Online Renewal period for 2015 commenced in November 2014.  Expiration notices, with login and password information, are being mailed the first week of March 2015 to CPAs and Firms who had not renewed for 2015 by February 28, 2015.  If you were registered as of the end of 2014 and did not already renew for 2015, you may reinstate your CPA certificate or your inactive status, for 2015, either online or by mailing a paper form which can be downloaded from the “Forms & Link” page.

Reinstatement fees are added to the Regular and Delinquent fees.  Fees can be paid online by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) or by ACH.

Remember, you have completed the Online Renewal ONLY WHEN you click on the “Pay Now” button after inputting and reviewing your online payment, and you see a payment receipt showing “Approved!” 

click here to renew:      ANNUAL ONLINE RENEWAL/REINSTATE

If you have to logout using the “Close and Save” button at the bottom of the page before you complete the questions, your input remains and you can resume when you login again. You can move back and forth between items and change your responses upon review. If an answer that is required is omitted, you will be prompted. You will be able to review and print your responses, and print the invoice before paying your renewal fee.

Licensed CPAs who no longer practice and wish to change to INACTIVE status and be exempted from CPE should email the Board in order for us to update the database. After the database has been updated, you must renew your inactive status online or by paper.



Firms permits that expired in March 2015 due to non-renewal for 2015 cannot be reinstated online for 2015.  Firm permits must be reinstated by completing and mailing the PAPER reinstatement form which can be downloaded by clicking on the following link:


Please print, complete and mail the form to us with the reinstatement fee ($30 per firm owner).


CPAs may click the following link to complete and send the Board a change of address notice:

Change of Address



Licensed CPAs may click this link for the 2013-2015 CPE (continuing professional education) requirements:




Out of state CPAs seeking practice rights or licenses in LA should click here for information:

Non-resident CPAs



A schedule of Board fees is presented for your information, click the link below:

Fee Schedule