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Online Renewal / Reinstatement for the Year 2018

The 2018 Online Renewal period commenced on November 1, 2017.  Expiration notices were mailed on March 1st to those who did not renew for 2018.


If you were registered through December 2017 and did not renew for 2018, you may reinstate your CPA license or Inactive status for 2018 either online or by mail.  Forms can be found at the “Forms & Links” page.

To renew online, click here:  [ ONLINE RENEWALS ]

As a reminder, all licensed CPAs are required to submit the CPE Report Form annually or your renewal will not be complete.  Additional information can be found by following the link below:

[ CPE Form and Other Information ]


Firms cannot reinstate an expired Firm Permit online.  Your firm should complete the “2018 Annual Reinstatement of FIRM PERMIT / Reinstatement Same Year” form found under the “Forms & Links” page.


Didn’t get your notice?

If you do not receive your reminder notice and need login information, did you move or change employers?  You can click on “Online Renewals” button above and select “Forgot User ID?” at the bottom of the ACCESS Your Account window.  Your User ID will be emailed to you after responding to the questions.  You can also reset your password in a similar manner by selecting “Forget Password?”

Expired Certificates 

If your CPA license has been expired for more than one year, please contact the Board’s office for information on how to reinstate an expired license.

NOTE:  Licensed CPAs who no longer practice and wish to renew as INACTIVE status and be exempted from CPE should email the Board at with the following information – your name, certificate number, and date of birth for confirmation – in order for us to update the database. After the database has been updated, you must renew your inactive status online or by paper.  There is no application fee to change to INACTIVE status.


CPAs who no longer practice and wish to apply as CPA-RETIRED status and be exempted from CPE should review the information found on the “Forms & Links” page.  You cannot “renew” into that status – you must apply.



CPAs may click the following link to complete and send the Board a change of address notice:

Change of Address



Licensed CPAs may click this link for the CPE (continuing professional education) requirements:




Out of state CPAs seeking practice rights or licenses in LA should click here for information:

Non-resident CPAs



A schedule of Board fees is presented for your information, click the link below:

Fee Schedule