What is the 150 hour requirement?

That is, what are the educational requirements to qualify to sit for the CPA exam?

The education that is required before applying for the CPA examination as a Louisiana candidate is summarized below. Regardless of the degree earned, the specified accounting courses (24 semester hours or 21 graduate hours) and business coursework (24 hours including the required 3 hours of specified business law) must be completed.


  • At least 150 semester hours of college credit earned at accredited university(ies)
  • A bachelor’s or higher degree awarded by an accredited university.
  • The college accreditation must be from one of the six “regional associations” of colleges
  • The applicant must have completed:

The required ACCOUNTING courses (see listing below –if undergraduate: 24 semester hours, above the principles level, with a number of accounting hours and courses specified by name; if grad level: 21 hours), and 24 semester hours of BUSINESS courses — including the required business law courses.