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What should be considered by a CPA who wants to open a new CPA practice?

There are numerous decisions and matters to consider, such as, form of legal entity and what services you may decide to offer.  … Continue reading

If a CPA license expired several years ago, how can it be reinstated?

  1. Contact the Board’s office for reinstatement information, forms, and fees. 2. Complete 120 hours of relevant CPE, including Professional Ethics.  Only CPE hours … Continue reading

Explain the work experience that is necessary for the purpose of obtaining a license (CPA certificate).

Depending on the timing, an applicant for a license may meet the work experience requirement for a CPA certificate (license) before, during, … Continue reading

What is the residency requirement for candidates for the CPA exam?

Generally, first time applicants must also have 120 days residency in Louisiana in the year preceding sitting for the CPA exam in … Continue reading

Does the State Board accept education obtained outside of the United States?

For education obtained outside the U.S., the State Board will only accept evaluations by “Foreign Academic Credentials Service, Inc.” (FACS). This firm … Continue reading

What are the different ways credit at an accredited college may be obtained?

Acceptable college credit may be earned by CPA exam candidates as follows: Personal attendance in class Correspondence / distance learning actually completed … Continue reading

How are the 150 semester hours counted?

The criteria for counting credit is that the hours or credits must be shown as “earned” on the college transcript, and such … Continue reading

Does the Board accept community college (or “junior college”) coursework as satisfying the requirements to sit for the CPA exam?

Credit obtained from regionally accredited “junior”, “community”, or “two-year” colleges prior to, or concurrently with, the enrollment at a four-year institution, will … Continue reading

What does a “regionally accredited” college mean?

In order for coursework to be acceptable, the college or university must be accredited by one of the six regional associations. Schools … Continue reading

Does college credit or degrees earned through “distance learning” satisfy the requirements to sit for the CPA exam?

The Board accepts credit earned and degrees completed online or through “distance learning” that is offered by colleges that are regionally accredited … Continue reading