Board Members & Administrative Staff

Board Members

  • Lynn V. Hutchinson, CPA, Chair
  • Suemarie S. Alizadeh, CPA
  • Michael D. Bergeron, CPA
  • Grady R. Hazel, CPA
  • Nicholas J. Langley, CPA
  • Letti A. Lowe-Ardoin, CPA
  • Desiree’ Honore’ Thomas, CPA


  • Lisa A. Benefield — Executive Director
  • Caren L. Singleton — Deputy Director
  • Bomani Brown   — Director of Compliance
  • Rachel Soler — Compliance Investigator
  • Betsy Boudreaux   Licensing Analyst
  • Jean Palmer     CPE Coordinator
  • Ramzey Bunley  Accountant
  • Tasha Anders    Administrative Coordinator

Board Meetings and Minutes

Regularly scheduled meetings are usually held quarterly in the latter part of January, April, July (or early August), and October (or early November).

Future Board meetings scheduled
(Check back for changes closer to meeting dates)

Future Board Meetings:

July 25 – 26, 2024

October 22 – 23, 2024

January 28 – 29, 2025

Upcoming Board meeting agenda:

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Recent Board meeting minutes:

Board Meeting Minutes – April 2024
(minutes not available until approved at next Board meeting)