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Online Renewal for the Year 2024


Online Renewal for 2024 is now live!


User ID’s and Passwords will NOT be mailed.  Essentially, you will need to create an account with the email we currently have on file.  As with many database migrations, we may experience glitches, so please be patient.  You can email all questions to: 


To renew your CPA License and/or Firm Permit and to enter your 2024 CPE, click here:  Online Portal


For your CPA License, you will go to the Licensee Portal and click “Activate Now.”  This will take you through the steps required to go online and renew your CPA license for 2024.  For CPA Firms, you will do the same in the CPA Firm Portal.  All portals can be accessed with the above link.    

Note:  Delinquent and reinstatement fees will be assessed
for all late renewals after January 31st
Click here for Fee Schedule 


2024 CPE Reporting:

Your 2024 CPE Portal is open – you can add your CPE all year as you complete courses.  Reminder – 2024 is an Ethics year!  All CPAs who have a CPE requirement in 2024 are required to complete the Board-Approved Ethics course in 2024.  See the CPE page for a list of approved providers.


2023 CPE Reporting:

Once you are logged in to the new system, please navigate to the menu on the left and select “CPE Reporting.”  View the total hours reported for 2022 and subtract that number from 80; this will give you your 2023 CPE requirement. (Unless this number is less than 20; every year there is a minimum of 20 hours to complete.)  After February 1, 2024, you will not be able to edit 2023 CPE, please contact the Board for further information.  

As a reminder, all licensed CPAs with a CPE requirement are required to earn 2023 CPE hours by December 31, 2023.

If you are changing to or renewing as Inactive or Retired, there is no CPE reporting requirement for 2023 in order to renew for 2024.

Additional information about CPE can be found by following the link below:

[ CPE Form and Other Information ]

Expired Certificates 

If your CPA license has been expired for more than one year, please contact the Board’s office for information on how to reinstate an expired license.

NOTE:  Licensed CPAs who no longer practice and wish to renew as INACTIVE status can apply for that status in the Application portal.  

Please note that if you decide to reinstate to ACTIVE status in the future, the Board’s current reinstatement requirements include completion of 120 hours of continuing professional education within the past 3 years from reinstatement PLUS one year of work experience within the past 4 years from reinstatement which must be verified by an active-licensed CPA.  You should contact the Board at that time for information.

CPAs who no longer practice and wish to apply as CPA-RETIRED status and be exempted from CPE should review the information found on the “Forms & Links” page.  You cannot “renew” into that status – you must apply.



CPAs may click the following link to complete and send the Board a change of address notice:

Change of Address



Licensed CPAs may click this link for the CPE (continuing professional education) requirements:




Out of state CPAs seeking practice rights or licenses in LA should click here for information:

Non-resident CPAs



A schedule of Board fees is presented for your information, click the link below:

Fee Schedule