New Board Members

New Board Appointments

Sue Alizadeh, CPA, Grady Hazel, CPA, and Nick Langley, CPA have been appointed by Governor John Bel Edwards to serve on the State Board of CPAs as of April 2016.

Lynn Hutchinson, CPA, has been appointed by Governor John Bel Edwards as the new chair of the State Board.  She has served on the State Board since 2008.


Desiree’ Honore’ Thomas, CPA, Assistant Commissioner with the Louisiana State Division of Administration, Michael Bergeron, CPA, founder of M. Bergeron + Co., and Letti Lowe-Ardoin, CPA, COO of Hannis T. Bourgeois, LLP have been reappointed by Governor John Bel Edwards to serve on the State Board of CPAs.

Retiring Board Members

Mike Tham, CPA, Mark Harris, CPA and Mike Bruno, CPA have retired as State Board members.  Mr. Tham has served on the Board since 1989, and as chair for the past eight years.  Mr. Harris was appointed in 1996 and Mr. Bruno has served since 2005.  Their service to the public is appreciated, and their wisdom and guidance will be missed.