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Proposed CPE Rule Changes

As we approach the end of the current 3-year reporting cycle for CPE, the Board will be making rule changes for earning and reporting your CPE in the future.  In a profession where competence has been a hallmark and the public expects accountability, it is important that CPAs remain current and relevant in maintaining their knowledge and competence.  It is critical that every CPA do this if the profession is to maintain its integrity and respect with the public.

Starting January 1, 2016 for the 2016 reporting year, Louisiana licensed CPAs will be required to report CPE hours annually to the State Board during the annual renewal process instead of every third year as currently required.  Conceptually, each CPA should earn 40 hours each year.  There will continue to be minimum requirements for those CPAs who perform attest services, and annual limits on hours earned in areas like personal development, presentation and teaching, publishing, etc.

To allow for flexibility, Louisiana licensed CPAs will be required to earn and report a minimum of 20 hours of CPE each year.

Equally important is that the current year’s reported CPE hours will be combined with the preceding year’s reported CPE hours (starting with the 2017 reporting year); the total CPE hours earned and reported for that rolling 2-year period must equal at least 80 hours.  Going forward in any given year, the sum of that current year’s hours and the prior year’s hours must always equal at least 80 hours.  As noted above, conceptually each CPA should earn 40 hours each year.

The Board is also working on electronic reporting of CPE hours to better manage these changes.  Information on electronic reporting will be provided as it becomes available.

The Board will also be revising its Professional Ethics requirement for the year 2016 going forward, and more information will be forthcoming as we head into the new year.

The proposed rule changes are published in the June 2015 Louisiana Register.

Click on the links below to view either the published Notice of Intent in the June 2015 Louisiana Register, the full text of proposed CPE rules, or the annotated text of proposed CPE rules:

June 2015 Louisiana Register
FULL TEXT of proposed CPE rules – June 2015
ANNOTATED TEXT of proposed CPE rules – June 2015

Written comments regarding the proposed rule changes should be submitted by 4:00 p.m. July 20, 2015 to:

Darla M. Saux, CPA, CGMA
Executive Director
State Board of Certified Public Accountants
601 Poydras Street, Suite 1770
New Orleans, Louisiana  70130

Information About the “Louisiana Accountancy Act” of 1999

The state statutes that establish the State Board and provide for its authority to license and regulate CPAs in Louisiana are collectively called the Louisiana Accountancy Act.  You may download a copy of these statutes at this link:  LA Accountancy Act PART 1 Aug 2008   

The State Board has rulemaking authority.  Note in particular that Chapter 17 of the Board’s Rules covers the Rules of Professional Conduct for Louisiana CPAs.  You may download a copy of the Board Rules at this link: BOARD RULES Feb 20 2009

Statements of Position

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